Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nail Craft

I've taken my crafting to a new medium as of last week. My finger nails!
I began by painting my entire nail with Opi's 'Stranger Tides'.
Next I used a make up sponge to apply Opi's 'Mermaids Tears' about half way up my nails. Then I used Opi's 'Don't Mess With Opi', and applied this with a make up sponge just to the tip of my nails.
I used a technique similar to what is featured in this video:
After that I added Milani's 'Diamond Dazzle' to the top third of my nails.
The last thing I did was put a top coat on to keep my hard work looking good for at least a few days.
I call this look Mermaid Scales :-)

I love how it turned out! I'm planning to use these same techniques again with a different color pallette

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